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Elec­tric EG3 Snow Goggle


The highly antic­i­pated EG3 fea­tures the Elec­tric Press SEAL* sys­tem, ensur­ing an air­tight lens to frame seal. Engi­neered with indus­try lead­ing tech­nol­ogy, the EG3 is suited for the expe­ri­enced, tech savvy rider who is look­ing for world-​class optics, opti­mal periph­eral vision and supe­rior fit. *Patent Pending

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Ham­mer­Head LED Light


If you’re look­ing to make a state­ment, look no fur­ther! This pow­er­ful Ham­mer­Head LED Music Light’s eye-​catching design will make you — and your music — the star of the show. Its six pow­er­ful, bright white LEDs last 100,000 hours, and its flex­i­ble goose­neck illu­mi­nates every note. Take the portable Ham­mer­Head with you — whether you’re DJing, play­ing, or singing — and make every per­for­mance perfect.

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AWL All Weather Lighter


AWL — They are the only wind proof lighters that are also con­sid­ered, “Storm Proof ” — with­stand­ing 7080 mph winds, func­tion­ing at –40 F and work­ing at alti­tudes of 15,000′ is no joke. All lighter are pro­tected with water resis­tant o-​ring seals and fea­ture piezo-​electric igni­tion sys­tems, which are more water resis­tant than all other igni­tion systems.

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Aero­cart 8-​In-​1


The WORX Aero­cart lets you lift less and do more. It is much more than a wheel­bar­row, it is an 8-​in-​1 all pur­pose lifter, car­rier, mover that light­ens every load. The two over­sized, bal­anced wheels make lift­ing a 300 pound load capac­ity feel more like 25 lbs. The Aero­cart is rev­o­lu­tion­ary because it makes heavy loads easy to move.

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LEGO Stor­age Bricks


LEGO® stor­age pro­vides an inter­est­ing angle on tidy­ing up — it is like play­ing. You can actu­ally stack the stor­age boxes like you are used to with reg­u­lar LEGO bricks. It gives you a new and excit­ing way of doing inte­rior dec­o­rat­ing as well as the prac­ti­cal pur­pose of keep­ing every­thing tidy.

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Gorilla Torch Flare 125


Joby Gorilla Torch Flare 125 — Illu­mi­nate any tar­get hands-​free by posi­tion­ing the flex­i­ble, wrapable legs and light head. Secures to any sur­face with rub­ber grip rings and pow­er­ful neodymium mag­net feet. The four pow­er­ful LEDs offer adjustable inten­sity, red light for night vision and emer­gency strobe fea­tures, so you can select the opti­mal beam for any situation.

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This unique dig­i­tal scale brings a whole new mean­ing to the con­cept of space-​saving kitchen gad­gets. When open, its three arms pro­vide a sta­ble plat­form on which to place bowls and other items for weighing.

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Deglon Knife Set


The Deglon Meet­ing Knife Set is prac­ti­cal, durable and a work of art. Designed by Mia Schmal­len­bach and pro­duced by Deglon, it won first prize in the 5th Euro­pean Cut­lery Design Award. This lovely set is made of high qual­ity stain­less steel and seem­ingly appears to be cre­ated from a sin­gle block of stain­less steel.

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M48 Kom­mando Tac­ti­cal Shovel


The ulti­mate tac­ti­cal shovel that also dou­bles as a defen­sive weapon. Fea­tures vir­tu­ally inde­struc­tible, injection-​molded nylon han­dle with 30 % fiber­glass & nylon rein­force­ment. The shovel head is made of tem­pered 2Cr13 stain­less tool steel with a hard, black oxide coating.

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Anti-​Kidnapping Band


The Anti-​Kidnapping Band is designed to allow you to carry escape tools in your watch band. It’s a wear­able insur­ance pol­icy for mil­i­tary per­son­nel, for­eign aid work­ers, and jour­nal­ists in con­flict zones, as well as for trav­el­ers in coun­tries with a high risk of kid­nap­ping for ransom.

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Bra Hol­ster


*Bra Hol­ster designed to be worn attached to the mid­dle of the bra and tucked under the under­wire of the bra. *Made out of Kydex so that the gun can eas­ily be pulled out by lift­ing up the shirt and pulling down on the han­dle of the gun. *Cur­rently designed to accom­mo­date sev­eral dif­fer­ent hand guns. See Avail­able Models.

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Hand­held Portable Scanner


How many times have you wanted to copy an impor­tant doc­u­ment, a recipe from a friend, arti­cle from a mag­a­zine right now and right there? Gath­er­ing and shar­ing infor­ma­tion just got eas­ier with the Wolver­ine PASS hand­held scanner!

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Portable Fire­place


Sheer mod­ern ele­gance wrapped up in a unique portable gel fire­place. Float­ing glass pan­els are held in place by a brushed nickel base that houses up to 3 cans of Fire­Glo gel fuel that out­put up to 3000 BTU each. The glass pan­els pro­vide an unob­structed view of the mag­nif­i­cent flame while adding a mod­ern loft appearance.

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Bean Boo­zled


Bam­boo­zle the kids, fam­ily, friends, or just about any­one, with the Jelly Belly Bean­Boo­zled® Gift Box that’s a game and a candy all in one. Take the dare with the spin­ner wheel, then pick the jelly bean in the color the spin­ner lands on. It’s a dare for intre­pid jelly bean eaters to take their chances on tast­ing looka­like wild or mild flavors.

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Back­Beat FIT


It’s Time to Get Mov­ing and Get FIT. Wher­ever you reach for your per­sonal best, the flex­i­ble, sweat-​proof Plantron­ics Back­Beat FIT wire­less stereo head­phones keep pace with you.

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Chest Build­ing System


The Per­fect Rip Deck takes your chest work­out to the next level by com­bin­ing two move­ments into one: the slid­ing chest fly and the rotat­ing pushup. The Rip Deck allows you to move in two planes of motion to engage more mus­cles and expand your chest – it is a total chest-​building system.

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Rossini Flutes


More Pop For Your Party. Top off your toast with flutes as fizzy and festive as your celebration! Absolutely bubbling with inspiration, each mesmerizing glass doubles the cheer of your occasion with hand-blown patterns that whirl, dance and wrap your drink with artistry.

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Birdie Yarn Bowl


Topped with a charm­ing spar­row, this stoneware bowl keeps your col­or­ful yarn balls in place while you knit, cro­chet, or weave. A sleek flat base keeps the bowl steady while you craft and the ample diam­e­ter and depth allows for ample work­ing space.

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